The power of 11 unleashed!

Shop Unconventional Jewelry for $11

11 Dollar Store is Special, So are You!

11 Dollar Store is proud to announce that our entire catalog (except 11+11 exclusives) comprises of products available for $11 only. Choose any product for yourself, your lover, friends, or gift it to your parents. It is only going to cost $11 for a piece of bliss!

11 Dollar Store

11 stands for Higher Vibrations

11 stands for Synchronicity!

11 stands for Internal Tuning with the External!

11 stands for Inner Teacher!

11 stands for Fulfillment!

Shop special products for $11

Gratitude - A Power Unspoken Of!

We welcome you to our special 11 Dollar Store. All the items on our store are handpicked and handcrafted with a purpose. The purpose of keeping our customers in our hearts forever! The purpose of making special products available to them at a special $11 price! We are grateful to all our past, present and future customers for all the kindness and love they have shown for our brand.  Feel free to ask us for any specific handcrafted or special products which you wish to buy and don't find it in our catalog. We'll try our best to include them or even make them specially available to you. Simply write to us! 

Kids Apparel & Accessories for $11

Unconventional Kids Apparel for $11

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