Unconventional Quantum Magic Item Available Soon in our Store!

Well, you heard it right. The Image below shows the Unconventional Quantum Magic Charm worn by the designer and artist E.J. Gold himself. It is called 'Godd Particle'.

Godd ParticleGodd ParticleGodd Particle Charm

What is Quantum? And what is Godd Particle?

Well, 'Quantum' has been explained by Mr. Planck and Mr. Einstein in the past. And it does not bear repetition here. However the Godd Particle Charm works on a similar technology which was discovered by Planck and Einstein when they talked about Quanta and Quantum stuff. Confusing? Read ahead...

Godd Particle: A zany name but it ain't zany in its working! 

The Godd Particle contains BardoTown, Chen-Rig Shrine, Enchanter, Cosmo, Gemini, Norton Street, and most importantly the Godd Cube. That's a huge list for a tiny charm to hold onto!

E.J. Gold

In reality it is a tiny bundle of pure emitted energy, activated by the radio waves emanating from the wearer's heart, which is a low-energy transmitter, tempered by the radio-waves coming directly to Earth from the Big Bang and Stage 3 Stars.

Too much for your mind to make sense of? There's more mind-blowing stuff. Read ahead... 

It also contains fully functional higher space and helpers (merc and ally within it to keep you free from evil influences). The artist E.J. Gold says, "The more you invoke it, the more attention you get from God. But make sure you match it up with your own efforts. Do some of the work yourself. Touch it for luck, for extra power, extra energy, emergency help, panic or fear, just as you would a crucifix or a star of David or a Hand of Fatima or a Figa Horn Charm."

Godd Particle will be exclusively available on 11Dollar.Store

Godd Particle Charm

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