Welcome to the special $11 Store! Check out our entire catalog (any item $11 only) and 11 + 11 exclusives ($22 items). Our store is special as each item is handpicked and unconventional!!!  

We offer unique women dresses, jewelry, kids apparel, home decor and special meditation accessories. Now thats unusual, right?

Yoga means Union. Union of inner with the outer. Union of the lower with the higher. How about getting that outer glow with our stunning items and then move onto the inner union path? Ping us anytime:  contact@11dollar.store for details.

Please share the word about our store amongst your friends, colleagues, relatives and family. Let us grow together! We are not one of those big corporation doing all this for profit. We are not the majority. We are a small community trying to help each other. We ain't into this business for only selling or earning profit or gaining more customers. You can tell that by the prices we have kept for our products. We are all about learning, sharing, growing and bringing awareness and consciousness in everyday life. The profits from this store help us work and concentrate on our art projects and spiritual work. 

$11 Store

We will keep you updated about our work, new products and other announcements and will even share insights from meditation, yoga, and spirituality. Do check out our blog regularly or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Peace and Love to all the readers of this blog and all the colleagues who purchase from our store. 

-Admin 11 Dollar Store.